Get Rid Of False Teeth Risks With All On 4 Dental Implants

Get Rid Of False Teeth Risks With All On 4 Dental Implants

Get Rid Of False Teeth Risks With All On 4 Dental Implants

What exactly were your earliest memories of false teeth? Can it be of your grandma’s dentures clicking off as she spoke to her flowers? Or your grandfather’s impressive set under the bathroom sink; the only he didn’t know you understood? Well, if your first encounter of false teeth has been laughing at your grandparents or seeing your parents grow older and require them, the inevitability of life is that we too may one day call for a tooth replacement alternative. The difference is if you settle to the challenges and repeated expenses associated with removable dentures, or refuse to compromise on the level of your life along with the youthfulness of your physical appearance! Together with the innovative All on 4 dental implant protocol, it is possible to throw these removable dentures in the garbage and say farewell to false teeth forever!

About All on 4 Dental Implants: Innovative Tooth Replacement Technique

All on 4 dental implants‘ primarily refers to a positioning protocol for… well, dental implants. These are tiny titanium screws that are inserted into the jaw by a trained and qualified oral surgeon subsequently another highly skilled specialist, a prosthodontist, attaches a custom-made prosthetic bridge for their abutments. That is correct; teeth implants are utilized to help replace all of the missing teeth, and since they replace the roots of teeth – and not just the visible crown because removable dentures do – they contribute to keep the underlying jawbone health and protect against atrophy. This, in turn, prevents the beginning of that aged and sunken look about the mouth area we typically associate with denture wearers, which is yet another reason why false teeth are an inferior tooth replacement alternative to All on Four teeth implants!

Get Rid Of False Teeth Risks With All On 4 Dental Implants Florida

What exactly makes All on 4 tooth implants so unique?

After all, teeth implants have been in existence for several decades, yet millions of individuals continue to wear removable dentures. All on 4 dental implants were innovated in the early 1990’s by Dr. Paulo Malo, who studied implantology. He enabled oral surgeons to replace an individual’s entire set of failing, not-so-pearly whites with a brand new set of beautiful and immediately functional teeth! But this is merely the tip of the iceberg. Among the extraordinary advantages that place All on 4 dental implants apart from conventional teeth-whitening techniques is that they can be put – together with the completely customized prosthetic dental bridge – at one operation, in as little as a few hours. Complete oral rehabilitation at a day; out of toothless to toothy.

All on 4 tooth implants also:

  • Calls for a short recovery period as the process is minimally invasive.
  • Nearly always negates the need for bone grafting, which vastly reduces the price of oral rehabilitation, while conserving the patient time, annoyance and lots of pain!
  • Are looked after and cleaned just like regular teeth.
  • All on 4 teeth implants enable individuals to eat all sorts of foods (including that beef you’ve been fantasizing about ever because removable dentures refused you the capacity to handle tougher foods).
  • All on 4 implants stabilize the natural jawbone, helping to reduce atrophy.
  • Completely restore your capacity to smile with confidence.

All on 4 Dental Implants: The Last Note

With All on 4 dental implants, you can overlook the endless struggles and repeated costs associated with false teeth. All on 4 is simply the best treatment for tooth loss and edentulous!