The Evolution of Dentistry and the Revolutionary PinHole Graft Technique for Gingival Recession

PinHole Graft

It is amazing to see how dentistry has advanced and evolved over the years!  I hope this is not showing my age but I have been a dental assistant for over 40 years and have loved every moment.  During that time, I have seen a lot of advancements which have kept my profession interesting instead of the typical “drill and fill” type of dentistry in my earlier career.

Earlier this year, I have had the opportunity to begin assisting our in house periodontist, Dr. Amy Ovaydi-Mandel, who offers a procedure called the PinHole Graft Technique to correct gingival recession.  This revolutionary technique is amazing to witness as it’s a different approach to the conventional gingival grafting.  It is less invasive, resulting in a quicker recovery time and the results have been amazing.

It is these types of advanced life changing procedures that I enjoy being a part of that we offer at Friedman Dental Group.  We pride ourselves on helping each patient individually regardless of their current dental situation.  We care for each patient as if they are family and we help them leave again with a smile worth smiling for!

Written By: Sandra Carnall