Teeth In One Day Benefits: What Will Improve With Teeth In One Day Dental Implants?

A common issue that people come to see a prosthodontist is for damaged/missing teeth or edentulous. There are many treatments available to those who need help restoring the function and aesthetics of their teeth. Among those most commonly available are dentures, bridges, and implants.

Dentures are a very cost effective solution that give you removable replacement teeth; they look the part as well as functioning well to allow you to chew. Bridges reduce the teeth at either side of a missing tooth and attach a bridge that suspends the new tooth. They are a very reliable solution but not so cost effective and not always practical for edentulous.

Dental implants are generally considered the most beneficial treatment for edentulous, providing you with immaculate replacement teeth that are fixed, and can last as long as a lifetime. A dental implant involves a screw-like fixture that acts as the root of the tooth, and gels with the bone itself. The implants are tactfully placed and bridged, and replacement teeth are then fixed.

Of all of the types of dental implant procedures available, the most highly advanced is the Teeth In One Day. The unique benefits of this treatment are covered below but first let’s take a look why dental implants are usually a preference for people suffering losing teeth.

Dental implants look, feel, and act in much the same way as real teeth, and are the next best thing to natural. The replacement teeth are expertly crafted and placed to fit your mouth, and the implants bond the replacements to your bone tissue. This creates a structure that very much resembles your teeth as they were, making dental implants the solution that provides the most comfort and ease.

Dental implants are the only solution that provides proper support for your jaw bone. If your jaw bone is not used, it will deteriorate over time, but dental implants prevent this because the titanium gels to the bone tissue. The replacement teeth therefore give your jaw structure, and allow it to be used. This prevents it from degrading, and helps you to retain your face shape, and prevent further issues.

Dental implants provide you with replacement teeth that are practical. That is to say, you can use them as you would your natural teeth. They help you to eat, so you can enjoy all your favorite foods, and they help you to talk comfortably.

Dental implants are a reliable long term solution, that usually only require minor adjustments, and can last a lifetime. You don’t have to replace them, or undergo any extensive treatments in the future. You have your implants, take good care of them, and are blessed with new teeth.

Dental implants look a lot like real teeth and function like them too. They are the most aesthetically pleasing dental treatment available for missing teeth. You can restore your confidence and beam a smile, knowing that your replacement teeth look the part, and will never let you down.

Unique Benefits Of Teeth In One Day Dental Implants

The Teeth In One Day are a revolution in the dental implant technology. They only require 4 implants to give you a full arch of teeth; top or bottom. The first 2 are fixed at the front of the mouth at the usual angle of 90 degrees. The back two are fixed at a 45 degree angle, a unique feature of the Teeth In One Day.

This angle allows for the minimum number of implants while giving a sturdy structure for the jaw. It also allows for longer implants to be used which encourages stronger fusion with the bone tissue, and negates the need for any bone grafting operations in patients that have damaged or loss of jawbone.

The Teeth In One Day dental implants are the most cost effective, treatment-time reducing, and aesthetically pleasing tooth replacement solution available.

Once the initial consultation is complete, patients can have their implants fixed, and walk away with a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing temporary set of fixed replacement teeth in one day! Once the implants have healed, the temporaries are replaced by a permanent set; again in just one day of treatment.

Teeth In One Day provides all of the usual benefits of dental implants, along with their own unique extra benefits:

  • Requires only 4 implants, where standard procedure typically requires 6-8.
  • Bone grafting is not requires, saving on surgery and making implants accessible to people who have damaged and weak jawbones.
  • Most time and cost effective dental implant treatment.
  • Scientifically verified through research and follow-ups.
  • High customer satisfaction rating demonstrates quality and lifespan of treatment.
  • Walk out with beautiful replacement teeth in one day.

How To Enjoy The Benefits Of Teeth In One Day

If you are suffering from major tooth loss, the Teeth In One Day dental implant solution may be able to improve your quality of life dramatically. Friedman Dental Group are fully qualified prosthodontists who specialize in the innovative and highly beneficial Teeth In One Day dental implant treatment.

With an initial consultation we will assess your case, and find out whether Teeth In One Day is right for you as well as mapping your mouth to create a plan for your implants.

On the day of the treatment you will arrive, have any teeth out that need removing before the procedure and then have your implants fitted. We will then fit you with a set of temporary fixed teeth which are both beautiful and functional. When the implants are healed you come back and have a permanent set fixed, which only takes a few moments. Voila! A new set of replacement teeth!

You can contact us to find out more about the Teeth In One Day dental implant treatment and what it can do for you, and to arrange a free consultation.

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