Teeth In One Day Dental Implants

The term “Teeth In One Day” is understandably exciting for anyone seeking a dental implant treatment, but what does it mean? At Friedman Dental Group it means that you can walk away with replacement teeth that are fully functional and beautiful in just one day of surgery.

Teeth In One Day is most commonly known as Same Day Dental Implant treatment. It is a revolutionary innovation within the dental implant technology. The procedure allows for a full arch of replacement teeth to be placed on just 4 dental implants. The Teeth In One Day treatment allows patients to have their dental implants fixed and then a replacement set of teeth set on the same day.

There are also other ways in which you can enjoy Teeth In One Day. We offer single tooth replacements that can usually be done by the Same Day dental implant treatment or if you prefer dentures we can also do those for you.

Furthermore, temporary standard dentures can often be fitted on day one of the procedure, a day which also involves the extraction of any teeth. Basically, you can be able to walk out with snap-on dentures, the hybrid solution in which dentures “snap-on” to a set of implants, in just a single day.

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Changing Someone’s Life with Teeth in a Day Dental Implants

What Was The Problem Before Teeth In One Day

Since technology is advancing day by day the dental implant industry has made it possible to walk away with new teeth in just 1 day of surgery. Keep in mind this wasn’t always possible because in the past the procedure for dental implants usually took much more time and left patients with inadequate solutions while they waited. Surgeries would involve placing the implants but then the patient would suffer a waiting period of around 4-6 months while their implants healed.

During this time they had only two options: they could either have no teeth at all or they could have a set of traditional dentures.

Many opt for the dentures because they do give a nice look and feel but can slip and slide. This is also cause discomfort and generally do not perform as well as replacement teeth that are fixed onto implants.

The Solution – Teeth In One Day

With Friedman Dental Group it is possible to have your dental implants placed and your replacement teeth fitted straight away. In just a matter of hours, you will walk away with a set of beautiful teeth. These teeth are actually counted as temporary but look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. They are fixed to your implants for structure and strength. This is why it is referred to as ‘Teeth In One Day”.
In a few months, when the implants are fully healed and fused to the bone your permanent set of replacement teeth will be fitted.

However, during the healing process your mouth may change a little bit but the new teeth will provide the ultimate accurate and comfortable finish. The final fixed replacement teeth are shaped to fit your mouth exactly so there will no discomfort and you will be left with a beautiful, bright, confident smile.

The teeth you receive in a day are not the final solution but are a welcome temporary solution that allows you to live a comfortable and confident life in the meantime and are much preferable than dentures. Friedman Dental Group is committed to ensuring that you have an excellent experience, along with results that will keep you smiling for years to come.

What Is The Teeth In One Day Dental Implant Treatment?

The New Teeth In One Day treatment is an implant procedure that utilizes the powerful but simple design of dental implants. Only 4 implants are required to fit a full arch of teeth on either the upper or lower jaw, making this the least invasive treatment available for edentulous patients.

Teeth In One Day implants are made from titanium, but are a little longer than normal dental implants. Two implants are attached at the front of the jaw at the usual angle of 90 degrees, and two are attached at the back at a 45 degree angle.

The length and the unique angle allow the implants to reach a denser bone. This allows the bone to fuse effectively to the implants in a process known as osseointegration. The design also negates the need for any bone grafting treatment, which when required is expensive and requires a lot of surgery time.

The Teeth In One Day dental implant treatment allows you to avoid invasive bone grafting surgery and the design is strong enough to instantly support the abutment and replacement teeth. This is the reason why we are able to fit a new set of teeth straight away, giving you ‘New Teeth In One Day’.

What Happens Prior To Teeth In One Day Surgery?

It is important that you don’t misunderstand us when we say ‘Teeth In One Day’. You won’t be able to pick up the phone, call us, and turn up to get your teeth the very same day. Now don’t get us wrong, but there is always a procedure for everything. Same with our Teeth in One Day Treatment. The procedure is very crucial during the planning phase of the treatment.

Before the day of surgery we will examine your mouth,take x-rays, design implants and replacement teeth that exactly match your mouth. This way everything is perfect and there are no problems with your implants. The surgery will be performed on your appointment date and you will walk away with new teeth and a big bright smile.

Complimentary Consultation:

The procedure will begin with a complimentary consultation. We will make a professional diagnosis of your situation and discuss with you the treatment options available.

We may ask to take a look at your medical records but mostly the initial stage will involve an informal chat about the ins and outs of the treatments and what you can expect from the procedures. There are no obligations and the consultation is provided free of charge, along with the dental examination that will follow.

Why Dental Implants Are So Important

Dental Examination & CT Scan:

If you decide to proceed, then we also offer a full examination and CT Scan. This takes place immediately following the consultation, in the same building. The technology available today allows for more precision than ever before and opens up the door for absolute individuality when it comes to your treatment. The CT Scan creates an accurate 3D image of your mouth, which we can use during the planning phase that will be done prior to surgery. Following the CT Scan, which we offer for free as part of our consultation phase, we will book you in for surgery.

Design Phase:

This is not something you have to worry too much about as a patient, but you might be interested to know that a large part of the dental implant procedure is the design phase. While you await surgery, we will be busy designing your unique implant surgery in the laboratories within our integrated treatment facilities. We use your CT Scan data to model the perfect treatment and create implants and replacement teeth that will give you perfect comfort and stability.

Teeth In One Day – The Surgery

On the day of the surgery you will receive your beautiful new replacement teeth in one day. No waiting for months for your implants to heal. You will walk into our treatment center, the implants will be fitted, and your teeth set.

The implant procedure is not that terrifying. Remember, the Teeth In One Day is the least invasive treatment of its kind and requires no bone grafting. Also, to keep in mind that only  4 implants per full arch of teeth will be placed in your mouth. But, you will be offered an anesthetic for comfort during surgery just to make sure you are in no pain at all.

The implants will be screwed into the root cavity of your missing teeth and into the dense jaw bone at the back. The abutments will be delicately placed, and then your prosthodontist will set the replacement teeth.

Although these ‘Teeth In One Day’ are classed as temporary but they are fixed teeth that look, feel, and act naturally. They allow you to eat, talk, and smile with confidence. They are precisely made in the labs to fit your mouth. These really are a full set of replacement teeth that you will be happy with.

What Happens Next?

Following your surgery you will be given information about aftercare for your implants and replacement teeth. Aftercare is very similar to natural teeth, so there is nothing too complicated that you will have to think about. A follow-up appointment will be booked several months later just so our specialist can see if everything is okay. The appointment will be booked when your implants have been healed.

Permanent Fixed Teeth:

When the implants have fully healed you will return to the same treatment centre for one more small surgical procedure, in which your temporary teeth will be replaced by a fixed permanent set that are shaped for absolute perfect accuracy for your mouth. Your ‘Teeth In One Day’ will have served their purpose, and allowed you to live the months in between procedures with natural teeth. On this second day you will receive the final solution, which if properly looked after will last a lifetime.

Alternatives To The Teeth In One Day?

The Teeth In One Day is an extremely beneficial treatment with a very high long term success rate. It gives edentulous and near edentulous patients a set of replacement teeth that always seem to satisfy. However, it is not the only option and not the only way to get ‘Teeth In One Day’.

If you don’t want dental implants you could consider dentures. Our denture procedures are simple and cost effective. We can remove any teeth that needs extracting and then give you a custom made set of dentures that you can take away on the day of surgery. You attend a consultation and examination, we make your dentures perfect in the lab, and then you are given them on the day of surgery.

The same is true for snap-on dentures, which are a type of dentures that are attached to dental implants to give them a fixed stability and functionality. We can fit the implants and set the dentures in a day.

Dental implants have improved an incredible amount over the past decade, and with the new technology and precision engineering comes more benefits for the patient. One of these benefits is the ability to walk away with replacement teeth in one day.

Friedman Dental Group are Teeth In One Day specialists. Our treatments include dentures, implants, and the Teeth In One Day procedure. Contact us today to find out more, or to arrange a free consultation.

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