Am I A Candidate For Teeth In One Day Dental Implants?

Many people wonder whether they are a suitable candidate for dental implants, and what the prerequisites are for the treatment, which can replace damaged and missing teeth; ranging from a single tooth to an entire set, top and bottom.

The Teeth In One Day dental implants are a sophisticated and advanced dental implant solution that allow for the largest number of replacement teeth to be fixed on the least amount of implants; four in total for a full arch.

They work in much the same way as standard multiple tooth dental implants but, among other differences, have a unique angle of fixture at the back of the jaw. This gives added structure to the jawbone, and allows longer implants to be used, which can be fixed to stronger bone, allowing the implants to fuse more effectively.

The candidacy for Teeth In One Day dental implants is pretty much the same as for standard dental implants, but Teeth In One Day makes the procedure even more accessible, as will be explained.

Prerequisites Of Teeth In One Day Dental Implants

There are not many prerequisites to having Teeth In One Day dental implants, but there are some considerations to make when you are deciding whether to try this procedure for yourself.

Your specialist will also advice you on these factors when you arrange a consultation.

  • You Have Damaged Or Missing Teeth:
    Teeth In One Day dental implants are suitable as a solution for multiple missing teeth, edentulous, or people who are likely to be without teeth in the future. So the first prerequisite is that you actually require the treatment. A single missing tooth might better be treated with a single tooth implant. The Teeth In One Day really comes into its own as a treatment for the entire lower arch, upper arch, or both. If you need a full arch of replacement teeth then this is the treatment.
  • You Should Be In Good Health:
    If you are not in good health then your dentist or prosthodontist will not recommend that you undergo the treatment, and may even prevent you from doing so if they do not think you can handle the stress of the surgery. In this case they may recommend another option such as dentures. Specific health conditions that can affect your candidacy for Teeth In One Day treatments includes autoimmune deficiency, diabetes, and osteoporosis if you are taking certain medication. Your specialist will advice on this when you book an appointment, and will check your medical records.
  • Bone Mass In The Jaw?:
    Traditional dental implant treatments required that the bone of your jaw have a certain mass and density. Some patients who would like the therapy would not be eligible due to existing damage sustained to their jaw through losing their teeth, or would at least have to undergo extensive bone grafting surgery in order to make their jaw compatible for implants. Luckily, this is not the case with the Teeth In One Day treatment, which can use longer implants to fuse with stronger jaw bone tissue; this means the current strength of your jaw is not an issue, and you will not need bone grafting.
  • You Want A Beautiful Set Of Replacement Teeth:
    The Teeth In One Day dental implant treatment provides you with a beautiful, fixed, permanent set of replacement teeth that can last a lifetime if properly cared for. They look, feel, and act like natural teeth, and are the next best thing for anyone who is suffering from tooth loss or edentulous. So the final question to ask yourself about your eligibility for the Teeth In One Day is, do you want the finest and most cost effective treatment available that can bring back the function and aesthetic beauty of your teeth?

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