How to Get New and Healthy Teeth in Just One Day

Loss of teeth owing to poor oral hygiene or accidentally, result in people desperately looking for a permanent and effective solution for this poor teeth condition. If you are undergoing a similar problem do not worry, because there are a number of dental treatments that dentists around the world are offering to patients to give them healthy teeth again.

Alternate to replacing the missing teeth, various other options of dental treatment are widely used in dentistry today. This article is especially helpful to those who are searching for a fast way of getting new and healthy teeth. Given below are helpful pointers to help you understand how to get new and healthy teeth in just a single day.

One of the latest and most reliable treatment options for good teeth in one day are dental implants.  Functional outcomes demand that these implants must be carefully anchored in the jawbone.

The “near to natural teeth appearance and function” of implant supported teeth are the greatest benefits of having implants. Implants are very simple to manage as the oral hygiene practices they require are similar to those required by real teeth. Simple flossing following meals and brushing twice a day will do.

Another alternative option in case you do not need implants, is to change your look by whitening your teeth. After some time, our teeth lose their natural color, naturally. The main reason behind teeth discoloration is drinking too much caffeine and smoking frequently.  Apart from these, the  rest of the  time, our teeth discolor owing to normal wear and tear process.

Teeth whitening, also famous as “teeth bleaching” is a widely used cosmetic procedure in the world. By using the right bleaching agents, teeth whitening can be quite safe and effective like dental implants. With this process, you can get new and whiter teeth in just a single day.

Given below are a few tips to help you avoid frequent and costly visits to the dentist:

  1. You should maintain oral hygiene by simply brushing your teeth following every meal or at least two times each day. Likewise brush your teeth, or just rinse your mouth with warm water after consumption of sweet foods.
  2. One important thing to remember is to use an antiseptic solution like Listerine for mouth wash. This must be used as frequently as you can. This way, you will reduce the chances of any dental infections by destroying the bacterial growth in your mouth. Listerine can also serve the purpose of clearing teeth discoloration.
  3. Cut down on your caffeine. All stuff that contains caffeine e.g. chocolates, tea, coffee and wines chiefly result in teeth discoloration and decay. Avoid such caffeinated foods and drinks this will decrease the probability of you ever needing dental treatment.


In a nutshell, the underlying key to good oral health is: “care is always better than cure”. It is very important that you do all that you can to maintain good oral hygiene. Most importantly, if you detect a problem with your teeth, consult a dentist without the delay of a second. The earlier it is dealt with, the better the outcome is.

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