Why Choose Teeth In One Day Dental Implants ?

Dental Implants come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and there are many different types of implants and procedures available that can help ease the discomfort of lost teeth. Patients arrive on the day of their dental implant procedure and leave a few hours later with beautiful, new and non-removable teeth. With Teeth in One Day Dental Implants you can eat immediately after the procedure and start to enjoy the benefits right away avoiding some of the long recovery times that are associated with traditional dental implant techniques.

Enjoy the freedom and social situations that you have waited a long time for!

What Are Teeth In One Day Dental Implants?

More traditional dental implants require large numbers of screws, as many as one per tooth which will support the new full set of teeth. If you are suffering from edentulous, or have full/partial loss of teeth then dental implants are one of the main solutions available. The implants themselves are made of titanium and replace the root of the teeth, fusing with the bone cells of your jaw and creating a solid structure for your new replacement teeth. This is a process known as osseointegration.  It can be an ideal tooth replacement solution when patients have numerous teeth in either their upper and/or lower arches missing or un-restorable. Dental Impants are placed in the jaw bone and the full arch of replacement teeth are then secured to these dental implants. Doing so allows for the replacement of your complete arch of upper or lower teeth on the day of your procedure.

Teeth In One Day implants only require 4 implants for a whole arch of teeth, making them very cost effective and much less invasive than most procedures. The teeth are non-removable, look and feel like natural teeth, and can provide the added benefit of preserving the bone structure of your jaw.

Teeth In One Day Vs Standard Implant Restorations

There are many different dental implants available for those who need replacement teeth. Most of them use titanium screws along with replacement teeth.

The single tooth replacement implants are a better option if you just have a single missing tooth. But, if you require a treatment for edentulous then you would generally need multiple teeth replaced, which would involve multiple implants and would be supported by a bridge. The bridge will give a structure and  support the replacement teeth.

Just so you know, modern standard implant procedures usually require about 6 or 8 implants but that is not the only difference that defines Teeth In One Day. Let’s take a look at some of the key comparisons:

Teeth In One Day Implants

  • Requires only 4 implants to secure a full arch.

  • Teeth In One Day provides the most time and cost effective solution for dental implants.

  • One appointment required after initial consultation, to have Teeth In One Day implants fitted and secured, and walk out with new teeth - all in one day! Healing time also enhanced.

  • Implants attached at an angle that usually ensures bone grafting is not required.

Conventional Implants

  • Requires 6- 8 implants to secure a full arch of teeth (bottom or top)

  • Bone grafting can be required in the case that the patient has weak or damaged bone cells in jaw.

  • More implants, more visits, and potential bone grafting make procedure more time consuming, invasive and more costly

  • Requires several appointments and much more surgery time, as well as potential bone grafting. Healing time can also be troublesome, and you may need to wear temporary teeth that are not well fitted.

As can be seen in the table above, Teeth In One Day has many advantages that the typical conventional method does not offer, without there being any drawbacks.

Customer satisfaction has been monitored over the course of 10 years and the implants have been shown to be incredibly successful at improving the quality of life for those who choose them.


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