The Benefits of Having Dental Implants Installed

Many people tend to neglect just how important their teeth are until they face a situation where they might lose them. For people who have broken or missing teeth, finding a solution to their problem is of the utmost importance. The best way to fix the damaged teeth that you have is by consulting with a cosmetic dentist and getting dental implants. The longer you let your dental issues persist, the more damage you will end up doing to not only your teeth, but your whole body as well. The following are a few of the many benefits of having a dental implant surgeon provide you with dental implants.

An Improved Appearance

One of the biggest benefits of having a set of dental implants put in is that they will increase the overall aesthetic appeal of your mouth. Most people who deal with severe dental issues are usually embarrassed by their smile and become very withdrawn from social situations. By having dental implants installed, you will be able to regain the confidence that you have lost and the luster in your smile. You need to speak with the dentist performing your procedure to discuss the options that you have.

More Comfort

Another benefit of having dental implants put in is that they are more comfortable than other options like dentures. The problem with dentures is that they tend to slip after wearing them for a while, which can be both embarrassing and uncomfortable. Dental implants are actually attached to your jawbone, so they look and feel just like real teeth. They will not slip and in most cases, people will not even be aware that you are wearing prosthetic teeth. You will be able to go on with your life with increased confidence and comfort.

Extremely Durable

Another great benefit of having dental implants is that they are very durable, which means you will not have to worry about breaking or damaging them in any way. For the most part, people who have dental implants are much less likely to be back in the dentist chair for repairs than people with dentures are. Instead of paying good money for dentures that will not last the test of time, you can instead invest that money in to buying dental implants. You need to schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist to discuss the options that you have.

Snap-On Dentures: Solutions they Offer for People in Need

Dentures are used when a person is missing one or more teeth. Due to having missing teeth, the person may become much less confident in their smile, having a difficult time eating certain foods and problems pronouncing certain words. The dentures are a type of prosthetic appliance that is custom made to replace the individuals missing teeth, while restoring their appearance, as well as their oral functions that have been lost. Dentures can be either full or partial, depending on an individual’s needs.

There are two basic types of dentures, designed for individuals with different teeth replacement needs. There are also the option of snap on dentures if you are interested.

Complete Dentures

A set of complete dentures is typically used by a dentist when an individual needs a full set of replacement teeth. These dentures are created from a plastic base that is colored in a way to replicate the gum tissue, while support a complete set of porcelain or plastic teeth.

Partial Dentures

When your dentist suggests partial dentures, these will be used to replace one or several missing teeth, but used when a patient does not need a full set. The partials are held in their proper position with clasps and will rest around the person’s natural teeth.

Who are Dentures For?

Dentures are the ideal solution for anyone who is missing one or more teeth and seeking a way to restore their smile and appearance. It is important for your dentist to evaluate the condition of your jaw to ensure that your gums and bone structure will support the dentist. In some situations you may require oral surgery to restore bone density to ensure the dentures remain stable.

How Dentures Work

A complete set of dentures are created when your gums and jawbone have been completely restored to a healthy condition and there has been sufficient time for proper healing. Dentures are able to be placed in the top, as well as the bottom jaws. The first step in receiving your dentures is for your dentist to take a mold of your mouth. This is used to create the prosthetic. Once the dentures have been created, some adjustments may have to be made to ensure they fit snugly in your mouth.

What to Expect from the Denture Process

Having dentures created for one or more missing teeth will require an evaluation of your current oral health and in some cases oral surgery. You will also have to have a mold made of your mouth. If there are no serious issues present, your dentist can have your molds created and dentures made for you within a few weeks of your first appointment. In some cases, implants can be used along with the Dentures in order to help and secure them, and in a number of cases can secure a hybrid denture permanently into the mouth that does not have to be removed. This will drastically reduce the size of the denture and increase the comfort and ease of use for patients.

Dentures provide a great way for anyone with one or missing teeth to restore their smile and confidence. In most cases, the procedure is fairly painless and will provide a great looking way to help and give back confidence and the ability to eat and speak clearly and easily with a simple prosthetic device.