Discover How to Free Yourself of Dentures Forever

Dental implants are the best way to free yourself from the hassle of dentures. However, many people avoid implants because they believe the process takes several visits, is time consuming or are concerned they will be forced to go with gaps in their teeth until the process is completed. Now, it is possible to have new teeth in a day in Florida and eliminate those dentures forever.

Discover Confidence Again
Dental implants give you the confidence you had before you were required to replace your natural teeth with dentures. They allow you to speak, eat and laugh with comfort. The All-on-4 treatment concepts provides you with a fixed full-arch restoration on the day of surgery, whether you need to replace a single missing tooth or a full set of teeth. Getting teeth in a day in Florida allows you to return to your normal eating, drinking and talking routine much more quickly than with other forms of dental implants.

Additional Training
Dr. Eli Friedman has completed an additional three years of training and is one of a very few prosthodontists practicing in South Florida. His additional training allows him to implant teeth in a day in Florida, reducing the risk of error when you must visit multiple dentists. At the Friedman Dental Group, you see one specialist who will have a clear picture of your dental history so that your dental work meets your needs. The Friedman Dental Group’s teeth in a day Florida staff understand that every patient has different needs, which is why they adapt their service to each patient. The specialists look at bone structure, tooth placement and the jawline in order to provide the right implants and help you get rid of dentures forever.

What is Teeth in a Day Florida?
The teeth in a day in Florida program allows you to leave the office with replacement teeth that are functional and beautiful the same day as your surgery. It is a revolutionary innovation that allows a full arch of replacement teeth to be placed on just four dental implants so that your implants are fixed and replacement teeth added all in the same day. The system also helps promote jawline health as the jawbone can start to deteriorate when you lose one or more teeth. The reason for this is that bone tissue needs stimulation, something provided by the teeth, which are surrounded by the bone. When teeth are missing, the bone is not stimulated properly.

If you are currently using dentures and are tired of the hassle, including slippage while talking or getting food under your plate, you may be a candidate for the teeth in a day Florida option. Contact the Friedman Dental Group today to learn if you are eligible to have new teeth in just one quick visit. You can complete the simple online form or give us a call at 877-960-3442.

When is Bone Augmentation Necessary for Zygomatic Dental Implants?

If a person is missing one or more of their natural teeth, they are likely going to search for options to have them replaced. While dental implants are an extremely popular option, due to their durability and longevity, not everyone is a candidate for this procedure. For example, anyone who has lost bone density due to not having teeth present will not be able to receive implants.

Reasons for Loss of Bone

There are a number of reasons that bone insufficiency in the jaw may occur. Some of these reasons include:

  • Wearing dentures for long periods of time
  • Gum disease
  • Defects in the tooth development
  • Injuries to the face or other trauma
  • Dental procedures where there were no efforts to restore natural bone
  • Spaces that were left empty in the mouth after teeth were taken out

The good news is, there are several no bone dental implants techniques that can be used to help solve this issue.

Bone Grafts

A bone graft is a safe and effective procedure that involves the “building up” or adding to the existing jaw bone. This is done by taking bone from another location (or using a donor, processed or synthetic materials) to restore the jawbone. Once the grafted bone has fused and become a strong and integrated part of the current bone, the implant will be placed. In some cases, this can take up to three months.

Sinus Lift

If a person is missing their upper back teeth, there is no question that this can be difficult to restore. Since these teeth are near the sinus cavity and when they are missing, this part of the mouth will become larger and the natural bone will deteriorate as time passes. A sinus lift is a bone augmentation procedure for patients that don’t have enough natural bone for the placement of the implants. Bone is added below the sinuses so that several implants can be placed.

Zygomatic Implants

Another option is a Zygomatic dental implants. These have longer roots that can easily fuse to bone that has begun to deteriorate. When they are placed, they will also stimulate the bone to regrow and fix the bone that is missing.

As you can see, there are options for you if you have been told you are not a candidate for dental implants due to bone deterioration. It is best to speak with your dentist if you are interested in any of these procedures.

Are Snap On Dentures Right for You?

Do you experience a high level of annoyance due to sores, pain, and distress because of dentures that have become loose because of gum recession? Do you often dread going out to eat with family and friends because of the potential of an issue with your dentures? If so, then you may be the ideal candidate for snap in dentures in Florida.

Snap On Dentures Explained

This type of denture will snap onto implants on the upper or lower jaw. This provides powerful anchorage for the dentures to ensure they don’t slip or move while talking or eating. The denture features removable attachments that will snap onto the implants, providing stability and more of a relaxed feel than traditional dentures. While the attachments are able to be snapped on and off from your jawbone easily, they still offer more stability than traditional dentures that are secured by adhesives.

Who can Benefit from Snap On Dentures?

Virtually anyone who is missing teeth and currently using traditional dentures can benefit from the use of snap on dentures. Not only will they provide the durability and relaxation of traditional dentures, but it will increase your confidence because you have peace of mind that your teeth will do what they are supposed to and stay in the proper position. A huge component to the success of dental implants is the amount of bone that is present in your jaw. If you have no teeth in the jaw, but there is enough bone to support the implants will benefit greatly from snap on dentures. These dentures are going to be custom created for your jaw to ensure they fit securely.

Advantages Offered by Snap On Dentures

The snap on dentures offers a number of advantages for you. When they are fit and placed properly, you will be able to enjoy all the foods you love with confidence. Also, the stability they offer will make speaking easier. Implants will also minimize the resorbing of the jawbone. This means that your face won’t become misshapen, which is something that happens to some people if their jawbone deteriorates.

With snap on dentures, you will once again have the confidence to do the things you love and eat the foods you like. You won’t have to feel insecure in social situations and be able to show off a beautiful smile to new people you meet.